We suggest, educate, trade, and manage funds for Institutions, individuals and always do so withstands of excellence. We are one of the World’s leading diversified financial services and online education based company spreading knowledge, enriching skills and enhancing decision making abilities to provide impetus for value investments.

Our investment and advisory expertise attracts the retail & institutions. Our management offer its clients the personalised attention and services of boutique, the intelligence & creativity of some of the brightest professionals in the industry and the global resources.

We provide our expert services to various segments – Equity Markets, Derivatives, Pensions & Mutual Funds, Credit Risk Management, Treasury Risk Management, Advanced analytics and trading tools. Our robust systems provide exceptional trading and Investment solutions to clients as per value based profiles and risk taking abilities.

   An Investment in knowledge pays the best Interest   

Benjamin Franklin

For the education and learning curves we provide wide range of services through webinars, online/offline customer interaction direct with experts and regular customer meets.

Our courses focussing about the “Characteristics and risks of Standardised options, Equity segments, Commodities movements, high volatility FX - trading perspectives.”

Our “Core Strategy Principles” can be implemented for Equity Markets, Future Derivative Market, the Foreign Exchange Market, as well as Option Trading. Core Strategy Principles offers powerful benefits to those traders & investors who gain the knowledge and master the skills of execution in the financial market. Our core strategy principle designed to make trading in Purposeful, Simple.

Our Learning curves programs provides structured lessons, hands on learning by doing in the live markets with expert trading instructions. Plenty of practice time is provided during and beyond the formal interaction time.