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Our Platforms are meticulously designed for all segments of Investment avenues:

Indian Market:

Basic Stock/ Index Trader : Equities: Cash & Derivatives: Futures. Platform Code: BITJ0101

Professional Stock/ Index Trader: Equities : Cash & Derivatives: Futures. Platform Code: PITJ0102

Basic Option Trading Platform: Index and Stocks. Platform Code: BTOJ0101

Professional Option Trading Platform: Index and Stocks. Platform Code: PTOJ0102

Advance Expert Option Trading Platform. Platform Code: AEOJ0103

Expert Pair Trading Platform. Platform Code: EPTJ0101

Expert Currency Trading Platform. Platform Code: ECJ0101

Expert Fixed Income Strategies and trading Platform. Platform Code: FIJ0101

International Market:

Basic Derivative Trading Platform: Forex- $, Euro, GBP, Yen, Bullion Metals, Natural Gas Total 45 Assets). Platform Code: JIM0101BD

Advanced Derivative Trading Platform: Forex- 120 Currency Pairs, Metals, Natural Gas, Bullions, Total 120 Assets.) Platform Code: JIM0101AD

Professional Expert Trading Platform:Forex – 300 Currency Pairs, Major Treasuries, Debt Instruments, Commodities, Fixed Income Group, and all prevailing assets Class. Platform Code: JIM0101PEM

Machine Learning Trading Platform:Expert writing Mat-lab Programming, C++, Java Based. Platform Code: JIM0101ML

Credit Risk Management Platform

Treasury Risk Management Platform

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016: Limited Insolvency Exam